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Eight 16 oz. New York Strip Steaks

Eight 16 oz. New York Strip Steaks

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USDA Prime Aged

You receive a 10% discount when you order eight!

Our prime aged New York Strip boasts a tight texture, visible beef grain giving it a nice amount of chew.  Predominant marbling and a big beefy flavor make it an easy-to-cook, easy-to-eat cut. The best way to cook a New York is on the grill because the fat is concentrated on the edges and doesn’t flare up like a ribeye, but pan searing and high heat broiling for extra char are also recommended.

Steaks are shipped frozen via FedEx standard next day delivery service to valid US addresses. The cost of shipping, $50.00.  Orders placed by 12 PM Eastern Time Monday thru Friday will ship at the earliest on the second business day after confirmation with the purchaser.

All applicable taxes apply.